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News Bulletin                                                                                                 April 23, 2010

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Surface Area of a Sphere

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The students of Ms. Gaj's class recently learned how to develop the formula for finding the surface of a sphere through an activity prepared by Lucia Cruz, a clinical student from Northeastern Illinois University. Each student was given an orange cut in half. Lucia asked them to trace a half of it five or six time on a sheet of paper. After that students were challenged to peel their orange and see how many circles they would cover with the peel. If they did it without overlapping peel or uncovered places, they were able to discover that the surface area of a sphere (a peel of an orange) = 4 times the area of a circle.


Students not only enjoyed the project through which they discovered the new formula, but also they were allowed to eat their oranges as a reward for completion of the task. The project was fun and oranges delicious!!!



Mirta Ramirez Computer Science School Campus

In September of 2003, ASPIRA opened the Mirta Ramirez Computer Science Charter School MR(cs) to bridge the “digital divide”. MR(cs)2 provides a rigorous and comprehensive high school education focusing on computer science. Students will also be academically prepared to enter and succeed into a program of postsecondary education or obtain meaningful employment opportunities.

A Message from the Principal: AsafKarime
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new AMRCS web site. If you are already
a student, you know that the faculty and staff will be happy to talk with you if you are unable to find the information you need. If you are thinking about enrolling, or sending your child to AMRCS, let me invite you to explore the web site to learn more about us.

These are exciting days for AMRCS. We are celebrating our 5th anniversary as we continue to build a tradition of excellence in high school education and new initiatives. We are expanding on our computer science curriculum in the fall to offer a variety of certification options. You will also come across information about the mission of AMRCS, messages from the different academic departments, biographies from teachers and staff, stude
nt support, upcoming events, and practical matters such as yearly calendars, the application for admission and other procedures.

AMRCS is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Our students are encouraged to pursue ideas, issues and projects of consequence by a faculty that includes some of the best teachers in Chicago. The faculty and staff at AMRCS are committed to helping students grow both intellectually and personally.
Our location offers more than just college prep and computer science attractions. Situated near Humboldt Park, AMRCS resides in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Chicago.

As you explore our web site you will see that we are taking up the challenge of achieving excellence. Even our web site is undergoing “transformation,” so be sure to visit it again. If you’d like more information, please consider
visiting AMRCS; our doors are open to parents and students—we welcome inquiry!

Karime Asaf

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